About Us

About US

DiplomaticPortal.com was envisioned by a group of U.S. State Department employees and their family members, created exclusively for use by the U.S. diplomatic community.   We spend most of our time overseas, living and working as expatriates.  The purpose of DiplomaticPortal.com is to help us stay connected both to one another and to the communities in which we live; to better utilize State Department resources to explore the countries and regions where we are posted; and to make each transition easier when we depart our current post and arrive at our new one. 


We hope that you will find the website useful, especially the following:


Classifieds: post items for sale, services being offered, ride shares, or job opportunities for EFMs.  Classifieds are displayed based on your geographic location.  Only registered members of the U.S. diplomatic community may post items in the Classifieds section, but anyone may view this section.     


House Swap: this works a lot like “AirBnB.com” or “Couchsurfing.org” but is exclusively for members of the U.S. diplomatic community .  It is a trusted online space for us to list and search for “vacancies” to stay in another colleague’s house or apartment anywhere in the world.  You can post descriptions, contact information, available dates, and other details.  Only registered members of the U.S. diplomatic community have access to the House Swap section. 


Bulletin Board: post community messages or upload newsletters or calendars that are specific to your location anywhere in the world where there is an Embassy, Consulate, or other U.S. presence, including Washington, D.C.  Your location’s bulletin board is located on “My Post” section on top (you must register first and be signed in).  Only registered members of the U.S. diplomatic community have access to the Bulletin Board.


Discussion Forum: share or read about various topics related to diplomatic life, such as EFM employment, schools, retirement, cone-specific issues, or even information on joining the State Department.  Our Discussion Forum, with its well-organized structure and robust search functionality, has more capabilities than Yahoo Groups or other existing State Department forums.


We hope you find DiplomaticPortal.com useful – registration is free, so please sign up!  This is your website, so please take the time to let us know how we can improve it by clicking on “Feedback” at the bottom of this page or sending us an email via “Contact Us.”  And please share with our colleagues by liking us on Facebook.  Spread the word!

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